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Please check back frequently as the Speaker List will be continually updated !

Speaker Name

Rev. Scott Ertl


Testing/Altering Energy Level of your body

Speaker BIO

Rev. Scott is located in Wisconsin, USA

Rev. Scott Ertl is the manufacturer of Lightning Radionic Equipment and also operates Infinity Mission with his wife Beth. Scott is a Master Dowser and a Radionic Operator. He also does Sustainable Organic Crop and Hay Farming.

Rev. Timothy Lippert
Identifying & Solving Health Issues Flow Chart

Rev. Timothy Lippert is located in Minnesota. USA. 

He is the founder of Quatum Life Mission. He has done Radionic, Naturopathic and Alternative Health Work for Clients in 44 States and Countries of Belize, Mexico, Great Britain and Philippines. He owns and operates one of the most, elaborate Radionics Lab in North America. He specializes in Agriculture & Environmental Consulting, Geo-Biology, Water Treatment, Mold & Myco-Toxins, Lyme Disease, Sleep Apnea, Allergy Elimination, Spiritual Issues, Polarity, Magnetism and Electrical Systems of the Body.

Susan Hol
Spirit of Herbs

Susan Hol is located in Iowa, USA.

She is an Energy Worker & Researcher who has spent over a decade working with Applied Kinesiology. She is also a Master Dowser and Radionics Practitioner. She owns and operates Hol's Highlands with her Family.

Jim Porterfield
Garden/Farm Seed Treatment

Jim Porterfield is located in Illinois. USA

He grew up on a Grain & Livestock Farm in Iowa and has worked in the areas of Soil & Water Quality, Energy & Forestry for the last 50 years. He is a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) and currently owns & runs a small Research Farm in Illinois

Gina Barkovitch
Freeze Drying Food Preservation

Gina Barkovitch is located in New Jersey, USA

Gina Barkovitch, a Homesteading Farmer and Fiber Artist. She promotes and teaches various methods of food preservation. Join this class and learn the valuable benefits of freeze drying, which can preserve food for 25 years or more.

Almost anything can be freeze dried, including raw or cooked meats, veggies, fruits, soups, stews, casseroles, stir-fry dishes with rice, chili, lasagna, scrambled or raw eggs, milk, ice cream, yogurt, candies, snacks, and so on, which can be rehydrated later tasting like it was just freshly prepared. Freeze-drying is especially great for
people with allergies or dietary restrictions and a desire for greater food security.

In this class, see first-hand how to prepare, load, operate and package long-term storage food with a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer for quick meals, emergencies, hiking, camping, etc. while preserving the highest nutritional value (97%) and least amount
of storage space, also known as survival MRE’s (meals ready-to-eat). She has carried on and
expanded that tradition, running two farms and preserving what she grows through
various home methods including freeze-drying, pressure-canning, retort canning, dehydrating, savory and sweet jams, salt and vinegar fermenting and pickling, including a stint in wine and cheese-making.

John Myser
Healy, Timewaver, FSM & Hydrogen Water

John Myser is located in Hawaii, USA

John is a Life-Long Learner & Funster. John is a Master in Frequency Healing and has been called a Frequency Bio-Hacker by his Peers!

Maria Petrenko
Power of Words, Healing with Hypnosis

Maria is located in Minnesota, USA

Maria is a Certified Hypnotherapist. She uses Coaching, Energy Medicine and Hypnosis with her Clients. Having studied with Energy Masters, Shamans and Healers; she offers a unique way of assisting people in reconnecting to who they are and their purpose.

Robin Hermanson
Remediation for Stray Voltage, EMF and other Energies

Robin is located in South Dakota, USA

Robin is a retired Profressional Engineer and Certified Organic Farmer on his Great Grand Father's homestead. For the past 25 years, he has worked with Farmers to reduce Electrical Stress using old and new technology. 

J.J Buchholz
FSM Radio Project

J.J is located in Florida, USA

J.J has developed the FSM App for Healthier Living with Frequencies

Stacie Mix
Developing Good Self-Care using Dowsing & Energy Tools

Stacie is located in Minnesota, USA

Stacie has 20 years of experience as a Massage Therapist and studied numerous Bodywork & Energy Work modalities. She loves to learn anything that deals with Natural Health and Natural Farming Practices.

Dr. Patti Bartsch
7 Steps to Unbridled Wellness

Dr. Patti Bartsch is located in Wisconsin, USA

Dr. Patti is Traditional Naturopath & Owner of Unbridled Wellness in Onalaska, WI. She utilizes Bio-Energetic Scanners, PEMF, Cold Laser, Thermography, Braintap and other technology along with Homeopathy, Herbs and Nutrition to support her Clients Wellness Goals.

Mike Harris
The Place, Prominence and Power of Hemp Derived Products for Improved Health

Mike is located in Colorado, USA

Mike is educated as a Chemical Engineer enabling a 40 year career with several Global Organizations to design, construct, operate & troubleshoot production facilities in the Energy & Chemical Industries. 

In 2016, after moving back to Colorado; Mike formed a consultancy to provide engineering and operational expertise which led him into the Fledging Hemp Industry. Observing the widespread use of inappropriate methods, Mike joined with others to form companies that "do it right" from "start to finish" to deliver amazing products and health benefits.

Libby Rutledge
Light Language, Geometry and Radionics

Libby is a Molecular and Cellular Biologist who went on an extensive journey throught healing. This led to exploring Hypnosis, Past Lives, Negative Entities, Theta Healing Technique, Crystals, Light Language, Water Imprinting, Training in Dr. Masaru Emoto's Office, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowl and Sound Bath, Telepathy, Eneryg Balancing Work, Radionics and Sacred Geometry Sprinkled along the way. Libby continues to follow her guidance to research the power of combining Light Language, Radionics and Geometry.

Tammy Lippert
Essential Oils and Symphony of the Cells Demonstration

Tammy is located in Minnesota, USA

Tammy is committed and passionate about helping others. She is a Doterra Diamond and a Certified Health Coach. She incorporates Healy Frequency Therapy, Therapeutic Essential Oils, High Quality Nutritional Supplements, Bio-Feedback Technology, Far-Infared Therapy and Whole Body Vibration and many more. With her business-Pure and Simple Solutions, she works with individuals to develop their own personalized wellness plan for Physical, Spiritual and Financial well being.

Omar Nelson
Einstein Method of Healing

Omar is located in Wisconsin, USA

Omar is 85 years young and has developed the Einstein Methods Play, working with thousands of clients since 1976-more than 110,000 practice hours in 30 States, DC and Foreign Countries.

Denise Schneider
Emotion Code

Denise is located in Minnesota.


Over the last 6 years of owning Tooth2Toe Wellness she has created her own unique method of energy work that allows her to release inappropriate subconscious programs within both humans and animals. While this is the foundation of her practice, she has a wide variety of skill sets and experiences that have allowed her to offer a range of services to her clients. She is an Emotion Code certified practitioner, an animal lover, trained in reiki level II, a wife, a homeschool teacher, a functional nutritional therapist, and above all she is a mom on a mission to empower others to do muscle testing and energy work too. Denise has teamed up with several practitioners at a holistic dental office helping people see the connection between their oral health and the rest of their body and mind. She hosts monthly meetings with people in her area that muscle test and perform energy work on each other. She knows that if she can do this, anyone can!

Denise has found that balancing our subconscious mind with the conscious mind can allow us to find a greater healing in both our emotional and physical body. This method allows Denise to see deeper into the subconscious to find the imbalances that are truly behind why a client is not able to reach their goals. She calls this method an “Energetic Brain Balance”. Denise believes matching our goals of the conscious mind with the subconscious mind can eliminate all limits to what can be accomplished. She uses this technique on both humans and animals to encourage healing.

James Bix
It's all about Frequencies

James is located in Wisconsin, USA

James is a writer and a speaker who does lectures across the country. He is also an artist, composer, inventor, owner of Open Heaven Healing in Thorp WI where He is a Heart Math practitioner teaching people to live in the Heart. Reiki Master, Teacher, Sound Healer, medicine man and dowser.  James is a down to earth speaker and cancer survivor using these practices in his own life.  We live our lives based on what we believe about the world, ourselves, and our capabilities and our limits.

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