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Please check back frequently as the Vendor List will be continually updated !


Radionic Instrument Museum
There will be tables with different Radionic Instruments that date back 100+ years including the Rare Delawarr Radionic Camera!!



At this Booth, you will see a variety of Radionic Instruments, Accessories, Ertlizer Stray Voltage Equipment, Books and Dowsing Tools

This is the link to Infinity Mission's Website so you can view their Radionic Instrument Line-up along with Dowsing Tools

This is the link to the variety of  Stray Voltage Equipment that is available.

INFINITY HERBS & Spices-Beth Brueggeman

At this Booth, you will find a variety of different Herbs, Informational Brochures on different ways you can utilize them and Herbal Resource Books. She will also be offering Mini-Sessions on LED Light and Frequency Therapy. Click on the button to view her website to see what she all has to offer!

Susan Hol

At this Booth, you will find Hol Highlands Merchandise, Simmer Pot and Herb Kits, Dr. Paul's Info, Sacred Fabrics, Crystals and More!!!!

Click on the button to view the Hol Highlands website to see what they all have to offer.

Heather Wendt &           
Karleen Gehrig

At this Booth, you will see a variety of different Orgonite/Resin Pyramids and Pucks which helps with protection from EMF's in your Home and/or Business. Each piece is created with Love and Respect. They will also showcase their Pure Essential Oil Candles, Body Sprays and Oil Blends to purify your environment and lift your mood. iTerra Care Terahertz Wands will be available for trial and/or purchase. Also, ask them about the various products from Prife International that can be ordered and sent directly to your home within a week! Ionic Shields and Hydrogen Water Bottles are also available through Prife.

Omar Nelson

At this Booth, you will see demonstrations on how to use the Einstein Method and understand more on what it all does to the Human Body!

Rocky Mountain Botanicals-Mitch and Shawna Eckhardt

At this Booth, you will see a wide variety of CBD Products!

This is the link to their website, click on the button to view all the products that they have to offer.

Margo Johnson

At this Booth, you will get to experience:

AcuEnergetics-Innerstanding the Bio-Electrical System to influence and improve your Physical, Emotional and Mental Health. Sign up for Vagus Nerve Balance Mini-Sessions.

Solex AO Scan Technology-Gives you the ability to pinpoint your body's imbalances, empowering you to bring your body back into harmony.


Select Nutritionals available Including BodePro Strong and Alovea. She will be offering Special Pricing on the AO Inner Voice Scan. Discover the information that a 10 second voice recording can tell you about cells, tissues, organs, emotions, allergens and chemistries. These educational reports lead to uncovering the root cause for you to zero in on what is out of balance. 

Click on the buttons to the left to view her website and/or view her Vendor Video!

Joe Mutsler

At this Booth, you will see a full array of Garden Seeds for purchase along with Agricultural Seeds that you can order. All Natural Plant Fertilizers for Gardens and Fields, along with a wide variety of Soil Amendments along with Oxy Blast Water Treatment. This is a great opportunity to get all of your seeds for your Spring Planting Needs!!

Evie Anderson

Evie's Essentials provides a natural approach to wellness by focusing on the use of Doterra Essential Oils, Essential Oil Products and related services. Evie's Essentials is dedicated to Client Care! Click on the button to view Evie's Doterra Page.

Denise Schneider

Tooth2Toe Wellness Center LLC will be offering AO Infinity Foot Detox and Waist Band sessions, emotional release and energy balance sessions along with regularly scheduled free Live Emotion Code demonstrations. These demonstrations will be done with volunteers being chosen from any willing attendees nearby the booth at that time. Stop by and sign up for a chance to win one of 3 prizes: The grand prize is a package of 3 virtual sessions with Denise utilizing her unique energetic brain balancing technique. (valued at $149) There will be informational handouts for services offered at Tooth2Toe Wellness Center LLC. and Denise answering any questions regarding her services or the AO Scan Technologies products.

Robin Hermanson

At this Booth you will get to see Holistic Vet, Organic Pet Food and EMF devices

Kelly Dawson

Dr. Kelly is a local Chiropractor from the La Crosse, WI area. She has been doing Reiki for 21 years and has her own practice for 14 years. Dr. Kelly does in person and distance Reiki Sessions and teaches Practitioners Certification Classes as well. Click on the button to view their website.

Mark Hanson

Mark Hanson is a Maker, Healer and Dreamer. He longs to understand the complexities of my/our existence on this small rock that is hurling through space. Mark intends to expand his consciousness, awareness, perception and dreaming to such an extent that he will experience enlightenment in this lifetime. He has become intimate with the four elements (Fire, Water, Earth & Air) and use them in his line of work for a variety of reasons. Mark works with energy in all forms to Heal, Learn & Grow! Click on the button to view their website.

Skye Chen

Skye provides Shamanic Deep-Soul Healing and Psychic Readings. During the healings, he practices Ethereal Calibration (EC). EC aligns all parts of the Soul to work in harmony together as a whole. This releases your blocks and effects are powerful, lasting for weeks! He also channels into all areas of your life for answers and guidance. He is Natural Born Psychic Medium. 

To Pre-order or Schedule your Session call 507-589-5521 or visit his website by click on the button to the left and you can also check out his Vendor Video below!

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Ashley Schaffer

Ashley Schaeffer specializes in Crystals, Tarot and Oracle Readings. At this booth you will get to see her Crystal collection along with Tarot and Oracle Reading Sessions. Stop by and check her out!

Katelynn King

Katelynn utilizes the Power of PEMF & Terrahertz Frequency to offer tools and devices unlike anything else. She will be focusing on the OlyLife Tera-P90 and the OlyLife THz Cell Essential Wand as well as other Terahertz products.

Jim Porterfield

Jim runs a small Research Farm in S.E. Illinois. He develops Programs & Reagents for Crops, Soils and Weed Seeds. He also does consultation and develops recommendations for Balancing Soil Minerals based upon the Ideal Soil Handbook. Stop by his booth to see what he can do for you and your crops!

Dan Hansmann

Dan is with Ancestral Roots, LLC in Minnesota. He will be having a booth that will have a variety of Cyrstals, Tarot Cards, Sage Bundles, Salves, Sprays and Herbal Teas. 

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